Vikramarkudu Filmography

Main Leads : NTR,Bhoomika,Ankitha
Music  : MM Keeravani
Story  : Vijayendra Prasad
Dialogues : Rathnam,Viswanath
Art : Anand Sai
Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematography : Ravindra Babu
Producer : V Vijay Kumar Varma
Director : SS Rajamouli
Release date : 09-07-2003


Simhadri (NTR) is a jolly good fellow and the apple of the eye of his foster father Ram Bhupal Varma (Nassar). Kasturi (Ankitha) Varma’s grand daughter literally is lusting after our hero, while he shows a soft corner for Indu (Bhumika Chawla) who has lost her memory in an accident. Meanwhile the elders decide that Simhadri should marry Kasturi but on the day of the engagement Indu is brought to the house, which creates total bedlam. Simhadri is driven out of his foster parents house and at the same time some gangsters are in search of him. They find him on the banks of river Godavari but he fights them with the help of another gang who comes there to help him. In the melee Indu gets hurt and she becomes normal and the first thing she does is to stab Simhadri!

Post interval the story is told in a flashback. Simhadri goes to Kerala to find the whereabouts of Varma’s elder daughter Seeta (Seeta) who had eloped with a Malayalee. In Trivandrum, Simhadri realizes that two thugs Nair (Rahul Dev), Bada Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) rule the state while the IG of Police Namboothiri ( Sharat Saxena) and Chief Minister (Rajan.P.Dev) can do little about it!!! Soon Simhadri cleans up Kerala of this muck mafia and win over the locals and they call him ‘Singamalai’. The rest of the story is how the Kerala mafia comes to Andhra to kill him and how a one-man army demolishes the villains. And finally Simhadri ends up marrying both the heroines!!